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Get Hired - Your Dream Job Awaits

Congrats Doctor! You are finally done now. Here are some tips to find your dream job as a dentist.

Here are some tips to find your dream job as a dentist.

1. This one is simple - Search for opportunities on online job portals • Indeed • Craigslist

• Monster

• Zip recruiter • Career builder • Glassdoor

2. Use professional social networking platforms like LinkedIn

Focus on amping up your professional online presence and connect with likeminded individuals in your area. You will get more traction, and you might get noticed even before a job gets posted.

3. Your dentist!

Yup, pay a visit to your own oral health care provider. We are so lucky to be a part of an extremely collegiate field. #dentistshelpingdentists If your dentist isn’t hiring, I am sure they know someone who is or one of their classmates or better yet they can point you in the right direction

4. Your faculty

Well you just spent 4 years in dental school. Leverage your contacts in school. Many of your faculty also work in private practice. They personally know your work ethic, your clinical experience and your patient interactions. They will be more than happy to refer you to their friends and colleagues. More than they are well seasoned, well trained dentists that have would love to have you as a mentee

5. Connect with your dental school

Most schools provide career advice and have separate career and professional services available. Often times alumni networking events with enable you to bump into dentists who are hiring.

6. Reach out to your local dental society

Most dental societies have events for mentorship and career opportunities. Think of these as your local guide to navigating the world as a new dentist. Create your dental family from here

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