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Find Your Dream Job! Email Template Included

Everything you need BEFORE you start applying

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • 3 Professional References

  • Portfolio of Clinical Work

  • Updated LinkedIn Profile

The Job Search - Start Online

  • Indeed

  • Craigslist

  • Glassdoor

  • Zip Recruiter

  • Monster

  • Cloud Dentistry

  • Swiss Monkey

Reach out to your local dental hygiene society or dental association

Why? Networking, Mentorship, Career Opportunities, Support, Guidance

Think of your local association as your extended family or counselor outside of school. Most associations hold events for new members and new graduates. Many have formalized mentorship events and offer career advice, some host career fairs, and it's just another avenue to make more friends in dentistry.

Your local society your local guide to navigating the world as a new dentist/new dental hygienist. Chances are you will also learn about many free events as well like - Free CE's!

Your Online Presence

In 2020, you are HIGHLY searchable - and well, this is a double edge sword. So make it work for you.

My first recommendation is to CLEAN up your online presence. What I mean is, do not have your crazy late night questionable college adventures on public display. If you are contemplating what would be considered questionable here is a guideline: Would you be ok with the material about you if it was published on the front page of the largest media agency? If the answer is no then get rid of it. And if the answer is yes, then keep it. On a side note remember that anything you put up on Facebook or Instagram belongs to Facebook and not to you - read their terms of agreement. Consider the internet "sealed in ink."

My second recommendation is to use LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn? Simply because it is the largest networking platform available. Use the internet to your advantage. Network with people in your circle and whom you would like to professionally interact with. You never know - you may get noticed or offered a job through LinkedIn or you could even find your next mentor.

Your School

Yes! This sounds simple enough. You just spent 2-4 years (Two for dental hygiene, and Four for dental school) so who better to support you than your academic institution. Most schools have a very active alumni relations program. Tap into this network. Use the resources to find employment, career fairs, advice etc. Use the professional services available from your school.

Often times alumni networking events will enable you to meet dentists who are hiring. Attend the events, meet people and be ready with your "elevator pitch."

Your Faculty

They are your biggest champions, and your biggest resource. Leverage your contacts in school. Many faculty also work in private practice. They personally know your work ethic, your clinical experience and your patient interactions. They will be more than happy to refer you to their friends and colleagues. Many times they will vouch for you, be your reference and be your biggest proponent so open up that discussion.

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog articles on: Resume Checklist (for the dental professional), Cover letter (for the dental professional) Writing Your LinkedIn (for the dental professional).

Email Template
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